Aside from our registered Charolais and Brahman cattle, RedSmith Genetics has a long-standing
history with commercial cattle. Our commercial herd consists mainly of the Tarentaise. One of the main reasons Tarentaise were selected for breeding in their early years was their milk production, which remains true for us in our selections.

Our Tarentaise mothers can be described by having exceptional milk production, mothering abilities, and udder quality. The breed is of medium build, is well muscled, and very adaptable to harsh weather conditions and the deep Texas heat!

Tarentaise originated in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alpine mountains in the late 1800's. The breed, hard to come across in the United States, is tan in color with darkening around the eyes and the neck region on some bulls. Universally, the Tarentaise is generally recognized for a moderate frame, caving ease with a large volume of milk production, and early maturity. The American Tarentaise Association also has a number of black Tarentaise.

RedSmith Genetics takes great pride in building an exceptional commercial herd around Tarentaise mothers. One of our newest and most favorite crosses, the 'Brahmanaise' as we call it, creates an absolute maternal, muscular standout! Please let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information. We look forward to discussing the Tarentaise breed with you!


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